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A Little about the Pavilion Gardens

The magnificent domed building at the centre of the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton is a wonderful historic venue,
surrounded by 23 acres of recently restored pleasure gardens.
The main building is a natural focus for tourists visiting this beautiful spa town.

The gardens and Pavilion were first opened in 1871, after the Duke of Devonshire donated
9 acres of excellent garden ground and later extended this to the current 23 acres of walks, lakes, waterfalls,
play areas and a miniature train ride.
As well as exhibition space, the gardens offer excellent café facilities
and a showcase gallery of work by High Peak Artists and Craft workers.

Buxton, the highest spa town in Britain (1300 ft. above sea level), is located at the heart of England,
within the High Peak District of Derbyshire.
The earliest history of Buxton dates from the Middle Stone Age or late Mesolithic period, around 5400 BC,
when the Romans arrived and called the town Aquae Arnemetiae (The waters of the Goddess of the spring).
It became an important Roman site with no less than 3 bath houses and a shrine.

During the Tudor period, the reputation of the spa increased and the medicinal properties of the waters
were recognised as one the 7 wonders of the Peak, their fame growing throughout the 17th and 18th Centuries.

Today the magnificent architecture of the elegant Crescent is being restored and developed
to bring back much of the former glory of Buxton’s spa heyday.

There is plenty of excellent accommodation in Buxton and visitors should
contact the Tourist Information (now sited within the Pavilion Gardens’ buildings) on:

01298 25106

or visit the Pavilion Gardens website